Ottawa Granite

ottawa graniteLooking to Update Your Home with Granite? Look to the Best Granite Companies!
Granite is available in a great variety of colours which is wonderful, but top Ottawa Granite Suppliers will tell you that although colour is important, it is the diversity of the patterns that offer the character of the stone.
Because rocks that are commercially considered ‘granite' are quarried from many companies all over the world, there is a gigantic colour spectrum available for mixing and matching stone. As well, due to the vast selection and variety available, it is essential to choose a reputable company that specializes in granite, natural and engineered stone.
The best Ottawa granite importers and distributers can help you make all your important decisions, such as selecting the best stone for your project. They will make sure to advise you, before you start your renovations or remodelling project, of any issues that your chosen material may have. Quality companies will also take care to instruct you on the proper care and maintenance of your selection.
Like many other natural stones, the commercial definition of "granite” is used to describe any feldspar-bearing rock that has interlocking crystals that are large enough to be seen with the unaided eye. In the granite and natural stone business, the word ‘granite' encompasses other intrusive igneous rocks, such as gneiss and granodiorite. The minerals and crystals that make up granite are incredibly hard and serve to create many wonderful benefits for those that choose it as a material to accent and build with in their homes:
  • Exceptionally scratch resistant
  • Superior heat resistance with the ability to withstand temperatures of 480 degrees.
  • Stain resilient
  • Resistant to bacteria retention
The types of impregnating repellents that are used in the sealing process can further enhance all these benefits. With regular wear and tear, granite could be considered practically indestructible. Better natural stone companies will also be able to offer the best products to clean and polish to maintain a brand new look.
Countertops, tile floors, stair treads, and even mosaic wall designs, are just a few of the design elements used to accent the home with Granite. Thanks to the wide selection of granite, it can provide a timeless look that will that has the ability to range from demur to bold, depending on the choices you make.
Look For a Reputable Company When You Are Considering Granite
Do they offer:
  •   Over 30 years of industry experience?
  •   Superior service?
  •   The largest truck fleet in the business?
  •   Prompt and secure delivery Ontario-wide?
  •   Complete satisfaction?
  •   Fair prices?
  •   Great products?
  •   The largest selection of the latest materials in the industry?
  •   Over 300 of the finest stone materials from all over the globe?
  •   An assortment of premium marble, granite, quartzite, natural and engineered stone?
  •   Products in stock and ready to ship from a massive warehouse?
  •   Materials available in both slab and tile?
  •   Samples and information available upon request?
Look for a company that is eager to discuss your project with you and truly cares about helping you achieve your renovation and remodelling goals.